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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Beads - Whitten Family Adoption

The Beads

The beads woven into this bracelet have a very special meaning.  This bracelet is helping to bring two treasures home from Ethiopia.  Two sisters that have been waiting for their forever family for over three years now.  For more than three years they have seen other treasures go home to their forever families.  Soon, these two sisters will be making their own journey home with their forever family.  No longer orphans, no longer alone.

Yesterday I participated in our womens ministry Cookies and Creation.  It was an event where homemade cookies and homemade items were sold.  One of the tables was selling these bracelets.  The money raised will help one of our pastors and his wife bring home their two treasures. 

May 2011 they traveled to Ethiopia to help their sister/brother ~in ~love bring home their two boys.  While they were there God spoke to their hearts.  And now, they are in the process of bringing home their two little girls.

The two orange beads surrounding the four smaller green beads represent Pastor and Mrs. Whitten, the mama and papa.  The two green beads next to the orange ones represent their two kiddos, and the two green beads in the center represent their two new treasures waiting to come home.

And the round orange bed at the end...Is God, tying the all together as one family!

You can follow their amazing journey here

Rejoicing that two more treasures are coming home,
Team One Less Broken Heart