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Friday, September 30, 2011


The Fenske family of four is made up of Dad Fenske, Mama Fenske, and two beautiful little peeps that they brought home thru the miracle of adoption.  Shannon and hubby are in the process of bringing home three more of God's treasures.  But, they need help in raising the needed funds to make this happen.  Shannon has started selling AVON in hopes of earning extra income to apply towards their adoption expenses.  As those of you who have fundraised for your own adoptions know, FUNDRAISING IS HARD!  But, each and every dollar is such a blessing to the family working so hard to bring their kids home.
Stop by the Fenske's blog and say hello, become a follower, leave a comment encouraging them on their journey.  Do you need to do some Christmas shopping?  Why not stop by Shannon's AVON on line webstore and order some products?  This would be a tremondous help to them.
Below is a little information from Shannon - Mama Fenske.

It's not easy, especially in today's society where we are expected to be strong and self-sufficient, to admit that we need help. It's not easy or even acceptable to ask for help. I certainly never thought there'd be a time when I would be pushed to do it. But, here we are, in a position where we need help. I have found something that is worth setting aside pride for - actually, not something, rather five little someones. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my children. So, I come to you, my heart open, my soul bared, asking for support whether it be in the form of a financial contribution, prayer, or forwarding this message or links to our fundraisers.

I get that the economy is terrible. I get that everyone is struggling in their own way. I get that no one really has "spare change" lying around. But, I also know that none of us is suffering as much as any child who is stuck in an orphanage. We have several ways that people can help if they feel compelled. All I ask is that you consider passing our info along to friends, family, church members, coworkers, anyone who you think might listen. Please encourage people to visit our blog, friend me on Facebook, email me, snail mail me, whatever. I would love the opportunity to educate and advocate if anyone wanted to learn more about adoption or specifically adoption of children with special needs. The Holidays are rapidly approaching and we want nothing more than the gift of our family to be whole!

Ways to Help:

Visit our blog:

Tax-deductible, secure donations to: click on the Network for Good icon and designate the donation for The Fenske Family OR mail to: From HIV to Home, PO Box 19212, Denver CO, 80219. A tax receipt will be sent to you by mail.

Handmade Tutus: Any size, any color shipped direct to you - only $20 each! Perfect GIFTS!


Let's help this family bring their three little ones home to their forever families.  Each and every one of us can make a difference in the lives of these three orphans.

Blessings and Happy Friday!
Team One Less Broken Heart

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